Aloe Overnight Mask



Aloe Overnight Mask – We discovered that application of Aloe Vera overnight is a perfect way to receive everything the plant can give you without much effort. At night, your skin is able to absorb more of the useful substance from Aloe Vera, so it is a great idea to apply it for the night and watch the result.

What does this face mask do? It can help you lighten your skin. It can help you treat and eventually completely fight acne. It can reduce pigmentation in darker eyelids and also reduce the darkness of circles around the eyes. In addition to this, when applied onto the eye area, aloe overnight mask is able to reduce puffiness and moisten the skin perfectly well. You will notice the reduction of fine lines in the eye area almost after the very first application. It is a great thing that reduces irritation and dryness on the skin that’s affected by sun and wind. It can reduce flaking and dryness, returns elasticity and healthy glow to the skin and gives it a fresh color. This mask is a gentle but effective exfoliant

To Use: Apply on a clean face at bedtime and let dry. Rinse out the following morning.

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