Hey ArahBeauties, It is with great pleasure we share this good news with you. We have a new line of products, YAY! Our new love: Itr by Arah, is pronounced as ‘etir’ from Arabic word which translate to ‘Fragrance’, is a project we have been working on for over 2 years now.

We made sure that every note of each fragrance from Arah is an ever lasting memory – creating a feeling of dejavu’ in love, peace, happiness and contentment. It is going to be aesthetically pleasing journey, In Sha Allah.

Our scents are inspired by places and things. Therefore, you can request for a particular smell of a place or thing.

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Itr By Arah: Range of Products

Our range of products are: Traditional Incense (tureran wuta in hausa), Khumrah (Body Milk) and Diffusers.

Traditional Incense (Turaren Wuta)

Incense is a substance that is burn to produce a fragrant scent. In history, Incense is a Latin word of “to burn”.

Traditional Incense (Turaren Wuta): is a scented wood or blends of natural traditional spices, wood chips and flowers. It is soaked in fragrant oils and mixed with natural ingredients such as ambergris, musk, sandalwood, frankincense and essentials oils.

These scented chips/bricks are burned in charcoal or incense burners to perfume the house and clothing with the fragrance rich thick smoke. Incense are generally used everyday or on special occasions. This can used for weddings as a sign of blessing. However, it is generally just to perfume the house or store, and to boost positive energy.

It is common in the Asian traditions where the incense is pass among the guests as a gesture of hospitality. On the other hand, the Northern part of Nigeria are also kin on the use of the traditional incense.

How to use Traditional Incense (Turaren Wuta)

The incense chips burns in a traditional incense burner called Kasko (it has other names in other courtiers like Mabkhara). A charcoal of wood or artificial charcoal discs/briquettes is used in burning the incense inside the Kasko. In the recent times, using electrical incense burners to burn the incense chips is said to faster and safer to use. However, we prefer to use the charcoal because it’s traditional , natural and burns the chips better.

Khumrah (Body Milk)

Khumrah (Body Milk): is a type of body fragrance with its deep roots in the Arabian tradition. In Nigeria, the northern people are known for the use of khumrah. The Khumrah has a unique way of preparation. This method as used for decades ensures the long lasting scent. As a result, the fragrance lingers on for up to 48 hours.

The khumrah is made by he smoking of ingredients. Firstly, a paste is made from powdered dried natural ingredients. This include mahleb seeds, cloves, nutmeg, dufr, sandalwood and musk. The range continues to even dried fruits and fruit peels. Secondly, the paste is put in a smoke on a charcoal fire, adding woods (sandalwood, agar, e.t.c). Thirdly, add liquid aromatic oils and the paste is then infused in oil to produce a skin safe fragrance. In conclusion, the fragrance steeps longer to ensure that the scents are extracted from the paste.

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